You should be fully aware of this and be disciplined in your responses. John 8:6 “This they said, testing Him, that they might have [something] of which to accuse Him. But Jesus stooped down and wrote on the ground with [His] finger, as though He did not hear.”

Instead of reacting to the intense circumstance of a woman caught in adultery and the demand of religious authorities for an immediate answer about what to do, in silence Jesus stopped down to write something on the ground. What He didn’t do was react, like so many would today. He didn’t rush to defend her nor answer under the pressure. Even today the enemy wants you to “react” and to live a life that shows you have no self-control and are quick to take a sides. This is how we get into trouble and make decisions without prayerful considerations. This is how we get in trouble because many times we don’t have all the information. Yes, there may be a few a times you need to immediately react, but you shouldn’t live that way. Children are little reactors, but as you grow and mature, you should take every decision to the Lord and live in the awareness that the enemy wants reaction to discredit your witness for Christ and to hurt relationships and marriages.

The next time you feel the pressure, remember that in a very dramatic intense moment, Jesus kept His mouth closed and stooped down and wrote on the ground. Don’t take the bait the enemy throws at you, because it’s going to happen over and over again. Be one that stoops down to pray before responding.