Our Story

Of all times for a church to start, Grace Hill Church begin meeting at the beginning of the Covid Virus Pandemic in June 2020.  Starting a new church had been placed in Pastor Ballard’s heart from the very beginning of his ministry.  His first ministry position under the leadership of a church planter, planted the seed for starting churches.

The official start date for Grace Hill was October 4, 2020.  The church continues to meet with a core group of dedicated disciples of Christ in an old church building on Joy Street in the small town of Troup, Texas.  Grace Hill is an elder-led non-denominational church that believes everyone needs God’s grace and should be shown God’s grace.  The worship services feature a blended style of music led by our very gifted worship pastor.  The focus of Grace Hill Church is on Jesus Christ our Savior and doing what He has called us to do.  At Grace we want to keep it simple and significant at the same time and we know that’s possible through the power of the Holy Spirit.  We love being the missionaries Jesus made us to be both in far away places and right here in our own town.

What you will find on Sunday mornings is passionate and expressive worship to our Savior.  You will also meet some awesome people and you’ll hear a message that is inspiring, convicting, and challenging.