Jesus our Shepherd

You cannot be led so long as you insist on leading. The Lord can never be the Shepherd of your life until you surrender that leading role to Him. Being led by God is the safest and wisest thing you can do. God can Shepherd and lead you in conversations. He can lead you in moments of conflict and decision-making if you will let Him. Having the gift of leadership or the responsibility doesn’t mean you are exempt from following Christ. Until we learn and discipline ourselves to follow Christ, we should never lead. Some people struggle and even refuse to be led—even led by the Holy Spirit. Why? Because it requires quality time alone with God in prayer. How can you know how or where God would have you lead unless you’ve invested in the spiritual leadership meeting in the prayer closet? We must accept the fact that the Holy Spirit can lead so much greater than we can, but we must let Him. Don’t you know that God wants to be your guide in every single thing you do and in every interaction you have with others? Remember that Jesus said, “Follow me.” And every morning we get up to start the day we need to hear those two life-changing, life-blessing words, “Follow me.” Let Him lead today! You will never get lost following Jesus!

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