Low Power Mode

When the Low Power Mode window pops up on your cell phone it can be very frustrating. It’s especially frustrating if you’re on a long trip and you got away without your charger cord. Some phones never give a warning with a pop-up window, they just shut off. What is even more aggravating is when the phone shuts off in a critical moment like when you’re on an important call or sending an urgent text or needing to know what street to turn on. In many ways, our lives are like our cell phones, we use them all the time to connect with others and in business. We use them and they all run down from time to time and need to be recharged. You can try to use your phone when the battery is dead, but it won’t do you much good. You also can’t charge your phone without the proper charger cord, and in our house, those charger cords have a way of disappearing. Some people are like their phones in that they can’t keep a charge, one minute their battery life looks like 100% and then, they shut down without notice.

Every disciple of Christ can experience the Low Power Mode, and when that happens you need to recognize it and don’t ignore it. Our lives were meant to be recharged by the power of God and that is the way God meant for us to live. Serve Him and recharge, serve and recharge, it is the believer’s way of life. It lets us know we are not superhuman and it tells us of our constant need for God. It also prompts us to find the spiritual charger cord called prayer. If you don’t plug into God regularly through prayer, you live in the Low Power Mode spiritually. You can be an energetic person and still be drained of spiritual power. Prayer is the only way a disciple of Christ can recharge. That’s why Christ said, “Men always ought to pray and not faint.” Luke 18:1. Hey, make sure you are plugging into your power source on a daily basis, and stay charged so you can remain useful to God.

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