Who is to Blame?

Reflecting on my life today filled with struggles and setbacks but how God has shown me so much mercy! Why? Who is to blame, or rather, who is to thank for God’s mercy on me? I know that God is “the Father of mercies.” I know that personally I have done nothing deserving of God’s mercy. So how is it I feel as if God has shown me so much mercy over the years? I know the things I’ve done and how I have acted and at times even rebelled against God, but there’s still mercy. There was mercy when in times of rebellion He disciplined me. When I think about where I should have been in the moments of my sin, I can’t help but wonder at the extent of His mercy for me. With all that being said, I believe there was someone in my life that God loved so much that He decided to show me great mercy. My parents have been faithful in serving and living for God all my life. God has loved them so much that He has shown “me” great mercy.

Just think, that how much you love and serve Christ could result in great mercy on the lives of your children. I believe that’s part of the reason for God’s mercy on me, but there is someone else that has brought mercy down on me. God has loved His Son Jesus so much that He has shown me mercy.

Let me ask you, do you know about the mercy of God? Don’t you know that He should have stopped us along time ago? But He is so patient and kind, and His desire is to show us great mercy! His mercy endures forever and for the fact that you have read this, God is affirming His mercy on you. You might not be able to point to parents or someone else for the cause of God’s mercy on your life, but you can certainly point to the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

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