What’s in Your House?

What do you have in your house? This was the question the prophet Elisha asked a widow woman who was grieving because she had just lost her husband and was living under the threat of losing her two sons to a creditor she owed. Her response was “nothing except a jar of oil.” Her house was literally empty as the creditor had most likely taken everything she owned to satisfy her debt, and the only thing left of any value were her two sons. She was filled with grief over her loss, filled with fear about losing her sons, and completely empty and drained of life as a result—and the creditor didn’t care. We live in a world that’s the same way, and the events, demands, losses, attacks will leave you the same way. If that describes you right now, you need to study the widow woman in 2 Kings 4, because her life turned around. Her life turned around because she knew where to go for directions. Because her husband feared the Lord, she knew that in a time of need she needed to go to a man of God, Elisha. There are men and women of God who can point you in the right direction and should ask you, “What do you have in your house?” The widow already had what she needed, she just didn’t know what to do with it. Elisha gave her specific instructions, “Go and borrow a lot of empty vessels from your neighbors, and get a bunch,” (my paraphrase). Then go into your house with your sons and shut the door behind you and pour out into the empty vessels. Sounds strange, but here’s the point—when you have a crisis-level need and ask God for provisions, always be ready to follow His instructions no matter what.

The widow had what she needed already, she just needed to pour it out. As she poured out in faith and obedience, God poured in. She started out with nothing, but ended up with all she needed and was a witness to all her neighbors, the creditor, her sons, and to us. God is ready today to pour into your life, but you have to answer the question, what’s in your house? If you have by faith accepted Christ’s death on your behalf, the Spirit of God lives within you and you are the dwelling place of His Spirit—He lives in your house! In Him, you have all that you need. Follow God’s instructions in faith and obedience and let your life be full again.

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