Whatever You Do

Whatever you do, don’t let your heart become hard. The hardening of the heart is the most natural thing to have happen in our lives. The world we live in is a hard world that takes us through difficult times and hard places. We often get jerked around by unforeseen events. I would be one to say that if your heart has not become hard, it’s a miracle of God. The hardening of the heart is a built-in defense mechanism used to protect us from getting hurt again. I remember as a young boy playing games and getting hurt but would say, “That didn’t hurt,” when in reality, it did! Granted there are people who have a high tolerance for pain, and then there are some who have just let their hearts get hard and numb. Sinning against God and denying the truth are hardening agents of the heart. The symptoms of a hard heart are apathy and not much sympathy for this hurting around you. Shallow relationships, keeping people at a distance, and refusing to listen are all signs of a hard heart. If you never feel anything, you may have a hard heart. No one ever wants to have one, but many do. God’s word says in Proverbs 4:23 “Keep (guard) your heart with all diligence, For out of it [spring] the issues of life.”

The fullness and blessings of life will pass you by if you have a hard heart and you don’t address it with intentional actions. Ask God to help you make your heart tender again, because that is what He wants for all of us. Add some heart softener to your heart everyday by reading God’s word. Then keep a monitor on your heart to reflect on how you interact with others, especially strangers.

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