What do you see?

The Lord asked the prophets, “What do you see?” We don’t all have the same spiritual abilities, but considering the time we live in, this is still a timely question. It implies that we are looking and observing and pleading with God to open our eyes. You cannot afford to be spiritually blind right now for the sake of your family. We all have limited vision and the enemy does everything possible to block our vision. What do you see? Personally I see an unraveling of our society. I see anger and violence and divisions even in families because what we think and what we feel is greater than the love that has been cultivated. I see Christians who are more political than spiritual. I definitely don’t see everything, but I see a denial that we live in a lost nation turned away from Holy God. I see the attitude that somehow God is still going to bless us when our house is not in order. What do you see? I see a desperate desire to keep worshipping the idols all around us instead of our God who holds our breath. You may ask, cause I hear it in my spirit, “Do you see anything good?” Anything positive or uplifting? The answer is YES! I see opportunities of mercy for Gods people to get right with Him. I see we are in a short season of grace. I see fear that will be turned into faith and I see faith being purified by unbelievable trials. I see prayer closets filled with saints who have fallen from their first love renewed in their love for Christ. I see a Holy Spirit anointing coming on Gods elect to live and witness during the time of unparalleled evil and darkness. I see great things happening spiritually. I see the bride of Christ making herself ready to be joined to the bridegroom. But what do you see? Would you ask God to open your eyes as I do so we can see our enemy is inside the camp? Our vision increases with the time we spend in prayer and in His Word. Be blessed, the end of all things is at hand!

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