Recently we took the training wheels off my 5 year-old grandson’s bicycle.  Actually, it was his suggestion, but we thought it was a little bit too soon since his 10 year old brother was a little late in taking his training wheels off.  While working in my shop, I could hear my 5 year-old talking to himself about riding without the training wheels.  I looked out and he was on his bike and trying to stay upright.  I just thought it was pretty cool that he was out there trying without anyone helping him.  He really wanted to make it happen.  I was blessed just watching him and hearing the conversation he was having with himself.

Later the same day, my 10 year-old grandson came out while Lansyn, the 5 year-old was going at it again.  Finally, after just a few minutes, Lansyn took off on his little green bike riding all by himself around the patio.  What a wonderful moment that was, but what topped it off was my 10 year-old grandson’s response.  Layton started yelling with excitement, “He’s doing it, He’s doing it!”  Layton was overwhelmed with joy watching his brother do what he had been working so hard to do.  As my wife and I joined in the celebration, I was reminded by Layton’s reaction of rejoicing by what Paul said in Romans 12:15:

”Rejoice with them that do rejoice.”

Layton reacted to Lansyn’s victory as if it had happened to himself.  He didn’t act like it was no big deal, nor was there any hint of jealousy over the victory.  Rejoicing when someone else rejoices is a telling sign of how you feel about that person.  Rejoicing when someone else is rejoicing is a telling sign of how connected you are to that person.  Rejoicing when someone else is rejoicing is a telling sign that their victory is important to you.  What great encouragement my 10 year-old brought to my 5 year-old all because he rejoiced with him.  This is love,
and this is the way it should be!

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