The Shepherd’s Voice

The disruption of the coronavirus is unlikely anything we have ever experienced before, at least in its scope and magnitude. We have faced other deadly viruses and outbreaks and plagues, but nothing, at least in my lifetime, that has disrupted and derailed as this has. But we have experienced disruption and sudden changes of plans. In fact, your whole life has been a series of disruptions of one kind or another, and many have been discouraging and upsetting, but you’ve been able to navigate through them all. Now our lives have been turned into a massive maze with uncertainty at each step. That’s why we need a shepherd to guide us through. Jesus said these words:

 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door, but climbs up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. But he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To him the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. And when he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice. Yet they will by no means follow a stranger, but will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of strangers.” John 10:1-5

David said, “The Lord is my Shepherd” because David realized his own need for someone to help him navigate through life. Not only is Jesus referred to as the Good Shepherd, but He is also the Great Shepherd who never leaves you nor forsakes you. He knows that we don’t know which way to go. We think we do, but even the Bible says two times, “There is a way that seems right to man, but the end leads to death.” Proverbs 14:12, 16:25.

If there was ever a time to tune into the voice of God, it is now. His voice will do more for you than all the other voices around you or in you. His voice will guide you through the pandemic maze. His voice will usher in peace, strength and hope even in the most troubling times of life. His voice is like a whisper, so you must be intentional about hearing it, and when you do, you will be able to stand when others crumble. Listen to the voice of the Shepherd.