The Price of the Platform

Platforms that men and women speak from come in many different shapes and sizes. Some platforms are small and informal, while others are rolled out in stadiums with the prospects of thousands upon thousands of people. But how do men and women get to speak and perform on such platforms? Where do the opportunities come from that allow such massive influence over the masses of people? Many times getting on major stages has to do with knowing the right people. And then many have worked hard and long to be able to take such positions in the public eye. But I want you to think about this, how do those who witness and live bold lives for God ever come to amazing platforms? Some Christians dream of being in front of crowds to captivate them with their angelic singing voices or eloquent preaching, but most never want to pay the price for the platforms. There is nothing wrong with wanting to influence others towards God, however, such dreams never include the pain in the pathway to the platform.

King David was anointed King over Israel long before he ever sat upon the throne to speak over God’s people. David paid a price for his platform. For many years David ran for his life from the enraged and envious King Saul. I Samuel 21:10 says, “Then David arose and fled that day from before Saul, and when to Achish the king of Gath.” David was anointed King over Israel early in his life by Samuel, but it wasn’t until many years later after living a confusing life on the run, in caves and valleys before he took the throne.

You may have no aspirations at all to take the stage or platform within the gaze of hundreds or even thousands of people. But please take note here, if by chance God is allowing you to go through a deep dark valley, He may be preparing you for such an experience. I heard a pastor at an evangelism conference say, “If God takes you deep, it because He wants to take you far.” There is a price to pay to be on the platform made by God, but if God is preparing you, He will make you ready to boast in Him. Whatever pain God allows you to experience, it is always in preparation for some platform to proclaim His mercy and grace.