The Earth is the Lord’s

God in heaven does not rent or buy or sell, but He owns it all!  When God was delivering the Hebrews from the land of Egyptian bondage, He demonstrated not only how He owns the elements of heaven and earth, but He controls them as well.

Exodus 9:29
Moses said to him, “As soon as I go out of the city, I will spread out my hands to the Lord; the thunder will cease and there will be hail no longer, that you may know that the earth is the Lord’s.

What does that mean to me and you?  Well, we can know that as prideful man pushes his will on the lives of the innocent, even with an invading army, God can stop them in a second.  God can open up the earth to swallow an army just as He did in Korah’s rebellion.  God can send violent winds and flooding rains or even a blinding swarm of flies.  As God caused the chariot wheels to fall off of Pharaoh’s pursuing army, God can remove the tracks of invading tanks.  And you may be asking at this point like many others have in the past, “If God is able to do those things, then why doesn’t He put a stop to all of this that is going on?”  Some would assume that because God doesn’t do anything then there must be no God at all, but that is only in the thoughts of those who really don’t want there to be a God to have to answer to.

God owns everything and can intervene in the schemes of man at any second, and at times He does and at times He chooses not to.  God often allows events on this earth to unfold to call us to prayer.  Who is praying more since the pandemic?  Who is praying more now that Russian troops have invaded the Ukraine?  God allows evil forces to build up so that spiritual men and women will pray and seek His face.  He could cause the earth to shake over Russia and call back those troops from the Ukraine.  God allows evil to run it’s course at times to get the attention of those He wants to save.

No doubt this is a turning point in history, but there is a spiritual turning point as well.  There are those who are calling on God for salvation today who have never called on Him at other times.  If God intervened then who would be saved, or who would pray?  Pray with me that God would hears our prayers for mercy and that men and women would turn to Christ for deliverance and salvation.

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