Thanksgiving Grief

For those waking today with heavy hearts because you’re in a season of grief, it’s ok to not want to celebrate like the the rest of the world. Jesus knows full well that you are grateful but your heart is broken.
He doesn’t expect you to ignore it, rise above it, or shove it under the rug. He never once instructed us to ignore our present reality with some sort of pretend super power faith.
He lets us know He is near the broken-hearted and in that alone we can be thankful.
Thankful that He still bottles tears
Thankful that He knows every fear
Thankful that in times of great need
Christ is ready to comfort thee.
Thankful that He is mindful of man
Thankful that He does still have a plan
Thankful that every pain is sure seen
And you can just rest under His wings.
Thankful when blows a refreshing rain
Thankful for the power in His name
Thankful that when the anguish is rough
Christ will prove to still be enough.
As you struggle through the day, close your eyes when you need to and catch a glimpse of the seat that Jesus sits in. It may be right next to yours making sure you know He is holding your hand.                – Shelly Wilson