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Declare God!

“One generation shall praise Your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty acts. 5 I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty, And on Your wondrous works. 6 [Men] shall speak of the might of Your awesome acts, And I will declare Your greatness.” Ps 145:4-6

I was listening to a man pray about a week ago in between the songs he was leading and his prayer was so inspiring. He was declaring the power and dominion of the Living God. And I thought of how I fail to do this simple thing in my own life. The leper declared to Jesus as Jesus came from teaching the multitudes on the mountain in Matthew 8, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.” Declare God over your day and declare God over your family and workplace.

Do not assume things about God, but declare, “God in heaven, I declare Your power and dominion over my family today. Holy Father I declare Your strong presence in my life. And I declare your greatness and grace over my job and over my church and over my community. I declare that You are my supply and You are my shield. I declare Your love in my relationships and I declare Your throne over this nation. I declare God over this hospital and over the sick. I declare God over the weak, depressed and worried. I declare the light over the darkness and the truth over every false way. You are over ever spirit and there is no spirit that is not under subjection to You. There is no one greater and no one higher than You. By faith, I declare that You alone, O Lord, are over all things.” Just open Your mouth and declare God over all things!

Like All Men

Judges 16:7 (NKJV) “And Samson said to her, “If they bind me with seven fresh bowstrings, not yet dried, then I shall become weak, and be like any [other] man.”

In case you didn’t know, if you’re a man, this is the enemy’s goal. His goal is to make a man of God like any other man, however he can do it, whoever he can use to do it, and whatever it costs him to do it. Samson was an unstoppable force until he met his match in Delilah. The enemy knows who to use against you. The enemy knew women were Samson’s weakness. The desires of his flesh controlled him and the determination of the enemy is what got him. And unless your devotion and dedication to God is greater than the determination of the enemy, you will join the ranks of those defeated and become like any other man. Delilah wouldn’t stop until she learned the secret of Samson’s strength. If the enemy has not brought you down and made you level with everyone else, he has not given up. So you must guard your heart and mind from sexual immorality, pornography and perversion. You must keep pursuing God because you are being pursued like David and even Solomon. For 20 years Samson put up a good fight and God’s people lived free from the enemy’s oppression, but the day his hair was cut and separated from his head, so was his mighty strength, so was the thing that distinguished him from other men. The enemy’s plan is to make you talk like, walk like, act like, and look like any other man (or woman) morally and spiritually. He could care less how physically or intellectually strong you are.

Think about this, the first thing the enemy did to Samson was put his eyes out. The enemy doesn’t want you to see where you are or recognize you are like all other men. Many times we are blind to ourselves. The enemy always celebrates too quickly because the Bible tells us that as blind and weak Samson was grinding in the Philistine’s prison, v. 22, “his hair began to grow.” If what happened to Samson has happened to you, there is some good news, your strength can be renewed. In the Philistines early celebration God gave Samson enough strength to kill more of his enemies in his death than in his life. Don’t forget this, unless your devotion and dedication to God is greater than the determination of the enemy you will become like any other man. You will become like any other Christian. To guard yourself get some spiritually healthy people around you, Samson didn’t do that. That still will not be enough though, you must have a man inside of you Jesus Christ. He will make you the unstoppable force you were made to be.

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