Keep this in mind! The enemy’s goal today is to crush your spirit. Recently I’ve been watching this couple who’s life God has really been working in. Last night we got a phone call from them telling us their dog had been ran over and killed. They loved their dog like we all love our animals and they were heartbroken over their loss. Was this really the unfortunate fate of an unlucky dog with bad timing, or just an accident or the work of the enemy? It’s hard to know what is behind every heartbreaking moment in our lives, but keep this in mind, the enemy doesn’t care how he crushes your spirit so long as he accomplishes his goal. And we all go through these moments in life, but especially in times when spiritual progress is taking place. Maybe you’re reading this and your heart has been broken. Keep this in mind what David said in the 23rd Psalm. “He restores my soul: he leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” Our God is a restorer of crushed and broken hearts—Praise God! What needs to happen when you’re crushed under the weight of any kind of loss, rejection or betrayal is go to God in prayer and ask Him to restore you just like the word says.

Life is unfair and accidents do happen, but our enemy is ruthless, but God! Think about it, if God were not a restorer of crushed and broken hearts, we all would stay hidden in our homes living in despair. But God is a restorer of hearts!Let Him counsel you today back to the strong and powerful person He created you to be.

Wash Your Hands

Everywhere I look I see the sign, “Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.” I see the signs and I hear the repeated commands, and I’m not against washing my hands frequently with soap and water. In fact, I’ve heard it all my life, but never so much as in the days of this virus. You might wonder at this point, who is not washing their hands? The problem I see in the days of aggressive hand washing, demanded distancing and face covering, is that hands are being washed, distance is observed and mask tolerated, but hearts are still dirty. Imagine living in a world where people were so bothered by the evil and sinfulness of men that everywhere you went you saw the sign, “Confess your sins frequently!” How much more critical is it to our health and well-being to confess our sins than to wash our hands. I didn’t say, don’t wash your hands. But the truth is, all the soap and water in the world cannot wash away the smallest sin, and it only takes one sin to separate us from Holy God.

Let me ask you, do you confess your sins? Who have you confessed them to? Be careful here, because God may want you to confess your sin to someone other than Him. Yes confess to God, but because of the frequent temptation of sin and its destructive power, you may need to confess to another person. Maybe this is where we have missed the mark in our Holy walk with God. Maybe this is why we can’t get the power to overcome the sin that keeps knocking us down. Who would you include in the most intimate and ugly place in your life? Find someone to confess your sin to, not to get their forgiveness, but to get their prayer support and accountability needed to overcome. Confess your sins and be healed. Confess your sins and watch God work. Confess your sins and look for doors to open. Confess your sins frequently and keep your heart clean. James 4:8 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse [your] hands, [you] sinners; and purify [your] hearts, [you] double-minded.”

Riverside Prayer

And on the Sabbath day we went out of the city to the riverside, where prayer was customarily made; and we sat down and spoke to the women who met [there.]”.         Acts 16:13

Some things should compel you to pray more than at other times.  The apostle Paul’s instructions were to never place the “Amen” on the end of prayers, but to “pray without ceasing.”  In this time of uncertainty and fear because of the pandemic and imposed global orders to stay at home, our prayers should be on the rise and never ending.    Those women mentioned in Acts 16:13 were in a prayer group encouraging one another and seeking the Lord.  It says nothing of a pandemic, but only a faithfulness to come together and pray.  So this suggests the question, are you in a prayer group?  How much praying to God is taking place in your home?  Is your prayer life on the increase?  Did you know that how much time you spend in prayer is one of the number one indicators of what you believe?  

It was when prayers were offered to God by the riverside that a woman named Lydia opened her heart to the truth of the gospel.  She worshipped with a closed heart until she heard the truth proclaimed by Paul.  How many people do you think are just like Lydia, in a prayer group worshiping God with a closed heart?  I would estimate many have been in our midst knowing they need to open their hearts to Christ.  It says, “The Lord opened her heart to heed the things spoken by Paul.” Acts 16:14

Prayers were being made, the gospel was proclaimed, and God opened Lydia’s heart.  You need to believe that your prayers are moving mountains and that there is so much power when we come together to pray.  Right now is a great time to start a prayer group ministry with two or three or five people.  Someone has to lead in prayer just like someone led those women to the riverside to pray.  Why not you?  Step up to the mountain of fear that’s stopping you, gather some people with you and start praying and seeking God’s face.  He will meet you at the foot of the mountain, and as you pray, you will get to see the mountain move.  Let’s pray!

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