Overcoming Uncertainty

One of the scariest places to live on planet earth is in you own universe of uncertainty. What will be happening in the coming year or the coming weeks?  Who is telling you the truth about what is taking place in the world with the virus and job losses and all the prophetic voices?  WhateverContinue reading “Overcoming Uncertainty”


We have church in our home every Wednesday evening, and with that comes extra attention to our house and the blessing of sweet fellowship. I have the responsibility of making sure we have ice for our drinks, setting up our game room to accommodate people, pushing the vacuum cleaner (sometimes), and occasionally cooking on theContinue reading “EASTER IN DECEMBER”

Learn this Prayer 4

Learn this prayer, “Look on my affliction and my pain, And forgive all my sins.” Psalm 25:18 Not all of the pain and suffering one encounters in life is because of sin that has been committed. However, much suffering today can be traced back to some indiscretion or sin against God. King David finally confessedContinue reading “Learn this Prayer 4”

Come Sit for a Spell

Recently as I drove through the neighborhood I saw this sign on the front door that stood out to me. Kristen and I had been talking about the tall stand up signs near the front doors of homes that simply say, “Welcome.” You’ve seen them. They add a nice decorative look to the front ofContinue reading “Come Sit for a Spell”