Teach us to Pray

One of the things children do not do very well is wait.  You know how they are impatient and want what they want right now.  There are adults just like that who are impatient and have never broken from the tradition of their human nature, but it shouldn’t be that way with the child ofContinue reading “Teach us to Pray”

Going to the Next Level

Parents often are forced to go to the next level when attempting to gain the attention of their children.  It happens in every home where the child gets so captivated in a movie or in a game that breaking away to listen to mom or dad becomes a challenge.  But when the child is unresponsiveContinue reading “Going to the Next Level”

Guards in the Cemetery

Who has ever heard of stationing guards at a cemetery?  Usually when we think about guards, we think about prison guards who are assigned shifts to secure inmates so they don’t escape.  But there are guards in many other segments of society, such as guards in local jails, guards at banks, guards at large corporations,Continue reading “Guards in the Cemetery”