Whose schedule are you on? James 4:15 says “Instead you [ought] to say, “If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.” Are you making plans without including God? It’s possible that what you are planning doesn’t fit into God’s personal schedule for your life or God’s global schedule for the world. So many people had to postpone wedding and cancel vacations and relocate funerals and dip into savings because there was another major event unfolding we didn’t know about. You can say Amen, you know that’s true, but what about the future? One thing for sure is that you can make plans, but God’s scheduled events for you personally and globally are going to happen.

Make plans and include God and then be ready to reschedule, reroute, or cancel altogether. God is working mightily in this world and He did not allow His Son to die on the cross to postpone His scheduled events because of ours. Jesus was born at the absolute perfect time and crucified on the cross at the right time to the day and hour, and He is coming again right on schedule. Let me encourage you if you haven’t already, get on God’s schedule, because His is so much greater than ours.

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