Sad Story

This past week we laid one of my good friends to rest.  God amazingly and powerfully changed his life.  He was one of the toughest guys I had ever known, but when God changed his heart, he became one of the tenderest guys I have ever known.  It’s amazing what God can do with rough and tough men, and women I might say.  Tracy and Pattie had been married for 37 years and as a matter of fact, he passed away on their 37th wedding anniversary.  The funeral service was standing room only and the graveside service was unusually crowded.

The sad part of this story, beyond the passing of my friend, is what took place some time after the burial service.  Someone stole the flowers from the grave and destroyed them.  I read the post that followed the findings and people were talking about how low people can go and we know this is pretty low.  Someone said, “I’m going to pray for whoever did this, because Tracy would have done the same.”  Others were talking about those people getting caught and then I read the post that grabbed my attention the most.  The post read, “they have already been caught by God.”  The truth is none of us ever get away with anything, God has already caught us doing what we know we shouldn’t be doing.  God has already caught every deceptive transaction and every sneaking sinful interaction.  Many people today are worried about the authorities catching them, but the greatest authority of all has already caught them.  I’ve been caught and you’ve been caught and not only caught, but our actions are recorded and we all will give an account one day.

We can try to hide and cover up the things we’ve done wrong, but we should confess and come forward and repent.  A truth you can believe is found in Numbers 32:23, “and be sure your sin will find you out.”  We may evade the authorities for a while, but never forever!  God is watching each one of us, so do what’s right, treat people with kindness and respect, and love the way that shows you know Jesus.

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