Prayer for the Nation

“Holy Father, we come before You in faith this morning giving you praise for Your love for us.  We declare that there is none like You, O God.  You have created all things and You hold all things together.  We thank You for being intimately involved in our lives and in Your nation.  We thank You for allowing us this privilege to grow up in a place of freedom.  Father we thank You for giving us our greatest freedom through Your son, Jesus Christ.  Today we come to lift up the United States of America to You.  Father, You know the condition we are in and You see the strife, division, anger, and corruption.  Father, as the church, Christians have not been the light and salt You have called us to be.  We pray for mercy.  God have mercy on us for our children and grandchildren’s sake.  Father, have mercy on us and show us the way back to a greater devotion to You and Your ways.  Lord, we know that our lives and this country are ultimately in Your sovereign hands, but we ask for revival among Your people.  We ask that You step in and make right those things that are wrong.  We ask Lord that You stir the hearts of every man, woman, boy and girl who have been born again and who live with Your Spirit.  Stir us so we can stand for truth again.  Stir us so we can love others who don’t agree with us.  Stir us so we can mend the brokenness in our society and especially the brokenness in our homes.

And now, Father, we ask that You be with those in leadership positions over our nation.  We pray for President Biden and Vice President Harris and we ask that You rule in their hearts and give them power over those who try to influence them in the wrong direction.  We ask You to touch their hearts and minds and reveal Yourself to them so they will call on Your name as their own source of strength and wisdom.  Give them courage to do the right things.  Give them wisdom to know what to do, and give them vision to see what are the greatest needs in our nation.  God help them love our nation and to foster a healing spirit in our country.

Father, we confess our sins before You, for our sins are many, and we ask for forgiveness.  We confess that we have been going down the wrong pathway for too many years and we know that only You can turn us back now.  We confess that we have tolerated darkness, and we are in need of missionaries to come to our country.  Lord, save us!  Lord, work out Your plan for our lives and for our nation.  And Lord, give me the power and the will to be Your ambassador to my own country.  I love You and I love this country.  Be our Shepherd and show us the way.  We ask this in Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.”

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin

and heal their land.“.

2 Chronicles 7:14

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