On Hold

Estimates have been made of how much time an average person spends waiting throughout the average life span.  The numbers are shocking!  For instance, it is estimated that you will spend 43 days on hold on an automated call or waiting for a person to pick up the line.  It’s painful to wait on the phone while that blaring music is played in the background.  Think about how long you have waited in the line at the grocery store, department store and gas station.  As far as time is concerned, you are probably on average with everyone else in the time you’ve spent waiting at signal lights and railroad crossings.  You have done your fair share of waiting, and you’re still waiting. It’s not over.  As long as you live, you are going to spend seconds, minutes, hours, weeks and months, even years, waiting.  There’s nothing exciting about waiting, but when you wait on the Lord, there should be a certain expectation of something good happening! Here’s what God’s word says:    

“The LORD [is] good to those who wait for Him, To the soul [who] seeks Him. [It is] good that [one] should hope and wait quietly For the salvation of the LORD.”   Lamentations 3:25-26

The reality is, God will put you on hold at times in your life.  You may be there right now, and it can be frustrating and aggravating and more so if you’re waiting on another person.  But when you know—this is the key—when you know you are waiting on the Lord, the attitude of waiting should be quiet anticipation.  The Lord is good!  The Lord is good—period—but the Lord is especially good to those who trust Him by waiting on Him.  So if you are waiting and worrying and pacing and sighing, then you are missing out on encountering the peace that comes from trusting the amazing God who brings blessings into our lives. Lord help us, Amen?  Wait on the Lord with hope and faith and with a quiet spirit.  You can do it!  

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