Make Him Lord

It is not enough to make Jesus Christ your Savior. For all that Christ purchased for us on the cross, we should eagerly and energetically make Him Lord of our lives. You can be saved and born again and still not make the ranks of a disciple. A disciple of Christ makes Christ Lord, and that is not just making Him Lord on Sunday, nor is it making Him Lord only over certain things or areas of our lives. He never saved you and me to only be Lord when it’s convenient. And no one can make Christ Lord for you. Only you can do that. Jesus deserves the right to be Lord of all. That means He should be Lord over your mind and your mouth. Make Him Lord at home and at work. Make Him Lord over your eyes and ears and over your hands and feet. Make Him Lord of your marriage and over your children. Make Him Lord over your money. There are people calling Jesus Lord who haven’t made Him Lord. And Jesus said, “But why do you call me Lord, Lord and do not do the things which I say?” Luke 6:46

Living in obedience to Christ and His word is how you make Him Lord. Putting Him first is how we make Him Lord. Honoring Him in all we do is how we make Him Lord. Let me encourage you not to settle for making Jesus your Savior. Make Him Lord. Take the next step and take it everyday you wake up and get out of bed. Make Him the ruler and master of your life. If He has granted you the free gift of eternal life, you can make Him Lord for the time you have here. There are great rewards for those who make Jesus Christ Savior—and Lord.

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  1. WOW! What a wonderful “teaching.” It definitely convicted me. Thank you “Grace-Hill Church

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