Learn to Sing

Here is a great test of spiritual maturity, understanding and faith. Can you sing at midnight? Singing in the morning when all is well comes easy for most people because no conflicts have interrupted your day. Singing at noon time comes easy for the light of day is still shining and singing in the evening is not so hard when you see the love of your family. But we all will face a midnight hour at some point when no one around you is singing and dark and depressing circumstance have taken over. Most likely Paul and Silas sang in a dark cell with painful whelps on their bodies and bleeding from unwarranted wounds. They sang when no one else was singing. They sang because they had prayed and their song reached the throne of God. God was moved by their praise! You really can’t sing, no matter how beautiful your voice is until you can sing at a midnight hour. Why not start singing, even if you don’t feel like it and you may not understand the circumstances in your life? Why not start singing praise as a song of faith and trust in God? Why not start singing as an expression of unwavering devotion to God? Don’t let what’s happening in your life take your song of praise away! If you will sing your song of praise right now, God may shake the foundations of your situation and even give you a new song. Sing “My Deliverer is coming,” sing “Great is Thy faithfulness,” sing “Jesus loves me!” Sing!!!

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