Learn this Prayer 4

Learn this prayer, “Look on my affliction and my pain, And forgive all my sins.” Psalm 25:18 Not all of the pain and suffering one encounters in life is because of sin that has been committed. However, much suffering today can be traced back to some indiscretion or sin against God. King David finally confessed his sin, but only after he was confronted by Nathan the prophet sent by God. Sin is the problem of the world today. If we could rid the world of sin, the colors would be brighter, the air would be purer, and life would be incredible for all of humanity. But until that moment of purging and purification comes, God in His wisdom sent Jesus to forgive sins one person at a time. You need to learn this prayer because these are the words expressed from the heart of someone who desires to have a relationship with Holy God: “Lord, forgive all my sins!” Only those who are willing to admit their sins would ever pray such a prayer. And only those who would sincerely examine their hearts and lives and allow the work of the Holy Spirit to guide them would ever admit they have sinned against God. This is not only the prayer to pray for a relationship with God, but this is the prayer to pray to stay in fellowship with God. 1 John 1:8 says “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.”

I am in a covenant relationship with my wife for 28 years now, but from time to time our fellowship gets broken, something happens and it’s usually me asking her for forgiveness. For all those years she has never failed to extend the forgiveness and our relationship has been sustained. She forgives and I forgive based on our mutual love for each other. But God forgives when we ask based on His love for His Son Jesus. The Father knows the price Jesus paid on the cross to keep giving forgiveness when we ask. As long as you live, sweet fellowship with God will only continue so long as we keep praying, “Lord, forgive all my sins.” If you know what sin it is, confess it to the Lord and then get back to enjoying the fellowship He wants with you.

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