Learn this Prayer 2

Learn this prayer, “God, I give this to You!” He will know exactly what you are talking about and He is waiting to hear you speak and pray those words to Him. This is what it sounds like to “Cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you.” I Peter 5:7. You cannot keep carrying the heavy load of your loss and you cannot handle the complexity of your circumstances. And many times we cannot escape the reality of where we are, but we can give it all to the Father. Life will repeatedly overwhelm you unless you learn this prayer. Our prayers are often crowded with questions and petitions for more, and I’m not saying that is altogether wrong, because it’s not. But this prayer is filled with faith in releasing what has the potential to drown you. Think about it, what is the “this” you need to give to God today? “O Lord, I give this to You right now.” It may be your marriage or your job. You can give anything to God. “O Lord, I give you my health and this sickness, I give you my pain. I give you this guilt and shame. O Lord, I give You my finances. I give You my future. O Lord, I give You this loneliness. I give You my child.” Surely there is something you need to give to God to stop being harassed by the weight of that need. There is great relief when you give it to God. Relief and peace is how you know you have laid the burden at His feet and left it there.

You may still be faced with the circumstance, but the circumstance isn’t weighing you down anymore. Pray this prayer in faith as often as you need to and ask the Father to teach you how to lay things down at His feet and not pick it up again. Go ahead and start practicing this prayer, “God, I give this to You.”

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