Know Your Enemy

You must become more and more aware of the schemes of the devil.  Ultimately his goal is constant fear for your life.  Fear is what gets him excited the most.  Whatever he can bring into your life or suggest for your life that will cause fear, he will do it.  His schemes including dividing, distracting, depression and discouragement.  Anyway to get you down and alone is his strategy.  Anything to get you off what God has for you is his plan.  Have you thought about his schemes against you?  I can promise you, he is not overlooking you if you are a child of God.

His scheme is to get you to wallow in the guilt and shame of your past.  His scheme is to keep you at a distance from the truth and the light of God’s word.  His scheme is to get you to think that everyone is against you and for you to be swallowed up in self-pity.  He wants you to think you have nothing to offer and are of no benefit to others, especially to God.

He has an opposing scheme as well, and that is to elevate you to a high and lofty place of pride and self-importance.  He wants you to think the world or company or church or family can’t make it without you.  He wants you to think you’re the best thing that ever happened to humanity.  His scheme is to assist you in being self-centered and selfish, rather than to “esteem others more highly than yourself.” Philippians 2:3

His scheme is to make you busy so you wont have time to spend with God, much less be about the Father’s business.  His scheme is to entertain you and to get you to a place where you must be constantly entertained and stimulated.  His scheme is to lie to you by deceptive words and spinning conversations.  His scheme is to cause you to live based only on what you can see with your eyes, but God’s word says, “We walk by faith and not by sight.”  2 Corinthians 5:7

The enemy’s scheme is to get you addicted to something, anything.  He wants you to develop destructive habits so you will self-destruct and bring shame on your life and family.  He wants you to be compulsive and rash rather than a person who lives and seeks God’s wisdom.

The enemy’s scheme is to cause you to constantly compare yourself to others to either puff you up even more or to feel like you’re never good enough.  You can never do what some can do and some can never do what you can do.  Focus on who God created you to be and to do, and you will experience the life He has for you.  Let me ask you, what is the scheme being used against you today?  Whatever you do, don’t fall for it and don’t be afraid.


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