If You Failed

If you failed yesterday, start over today with a heart and mind to live in victory.  We do fail, and we fail more often than we would like to admit.  We fail more than people know and we fail in areas that in our minds we shouldn’t be failing in.  Let me just start by saying, we fail mentally to have the right thoughts circulating in our minds.  The enemy loves to invade our minds with thoughts that are anything but uplifting.  We fail mentally when we judge others or entertain thoughts that are self-defeating.  We also fail when it comes to temptations.  Our flesh and old nature still craves what it has always craved and the enemy knows where and how to tempt us.  We fail in our actions or the lack of action.  You should have done something maybe to help someone, but you didn’t.  The enemy that you can’t see wants you to see yourself as a failure because you do fail, and so do I, but that’s not how to see yourself.  It’s true that we fail at home and at work.  We fail the people we love the most and it happens more than once or twice, but that doesn’t make you a failure.

Here’s what you need to know about the failures in your life, mine too!

  1.  Our failures let us know how much we need God’s power and presence in our lives.
  2. Our failures are there sometimes to help us stay humble before God and others.  (We don’t have it all figured out after all.)
  3. Our failures are there as immediate history lessons.  Let’s learn from our failures, and move on doing our best to avoid the traps of temptations and mind games from the enemy.
  4. Our failures serve to remind us that we need the mercy and grace of God.  They should make us grateful to God for another chance in the next day or the next opportunity to get the victory.
  5. Our failures can turn into testimonies for others to hear who know something about failures, but haven’t experienced yet the grace of God in every failure.

If by chance you failed yesterday, get up today and go again.  If you need to apologize for something, then do it and then go again with victory in mind.  Be who God created you to be in this world today.  He didn’t create you to be a failure, but one who constantly looks to Him and leans on Him in faith.  You are not a failure!

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