How in the World?

To think that an 18-year-old could walk onto an elementary school campus and kill 18 children and a teacher is unimaginable.  How in the world could this ever happen?  Is there an explanation?  Is there any words that can give some kind of closure to families and peace to the community?  There is really only one explanation, and it doesn’t sit well with most folks, and there’s no source of comfort in it.  Who would do such an heinous act of violence and murder to the most innocent?  The only person who could ever do such a thing would be completely and clinically insane and out of their mind.  That’s it!

When a culture is habitually exposed to violence and murder and death through every media outlet, then the results show up through the lives of those who have no restraint and are mentally ill.  This act of violence in Uvalde is a combination of anger, evil, and a completely warped mind.  The enemy, the devil, who we can’t see, speaks into the minds of the most normal person, but they have enough sense not to act on those thoughts and they quickly dismiss them.  However, our world is full of those who entertain those evil thoughts, and sadly, act on those thoughts.  We can’t lay all the blame on the devil, and that’s not what I’m trying to do either, but responsibility for actions starts with the individual and then with parents and then with family and communities.  I would further say that the responsibility for mass murders should be pointed at the movie and game industry more than a lack of care and concern from the healthcare industry.  I know there is no comfort in discovering the root cause of the evil acts of men, but we should know that what causes men to carry out such atrocities is no mystery at all.  We know the causes, but who among our nation’s leaders will call them to accountability and change?

Let me say this to underly what I have already said, the first murder recorded in the Bible is found in Genesis Chapter 4.  Just four chapters in, a brother takes the life of his brother.  Sin against God entered in Chapter 3 and then a murder followed in Chapter 4 and the devil laughs at us because we think the problem with mass murder is because of other things.  Because of sin, and the ungodly violent influence peddled for profit, men will always find ways to kill other men.  We need God’s help and His intervention!

Despite all of this, there is comfort for these family in our Savior Jesus Christ.  The struggle and search for answers will never end, but comfort and peace can be found as we pray for this hurting community.  God is, “The Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation.”  2 Corinthians 1:3-4

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