Follow Christ!

Are you following Him?  Here is something you desperately need to know—if you make a claim to be a follower of Christ but somehow are not following Him, your life will look like everyone else’s.  It’s true.  Jesus said “Follow Me” for a reason. First off, He didn’t say to follow because He was on an ego trip. He said to follow because He is the only One who knows how to navigate through the darkest valleys and crooked places of our lives. He is the only One who knows exactly where the enemy has set the traps. He is the only One aware of the Father’s divine appointments. And Jesus said, “Follow Me,” because in the trail behind Him flows the abundant life. If you are not intentionally following Jesus, you are not experiencing the fullness of life God has for you. All you have to do is examine your life closely and honestly, and if indeed you are on the heels of Jesus, you are experiencing joy and peace and hope continually. But if you have abandoned the mission of following Him and have gone astray (we’ve all done it—Isaiah 53:6), then you will not even desire the life you are living.

Follow Him again!  Don’t follow a religious program and don’t follow lifeless Christians, but follow the One who is constantly calling you and waiting for you.  Follow Christ, because He alone has life.

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