Finding Balance

Finding balance and maintaining it is one of your greatest challenges in life. Most people you run into are tilted one way or another. They may be all emotion or they may be all about the physical and no consideration of the spiritual. There are those also who are all love to the dismal of truth. It seems like most people are extremist and don’t even realize it. They are either consumed with what keeps them entertained or they feature facial frowns and speak only of serious matters. A healthy life must strive to maintain the right balance, because it’s not all play or all work. Yes, God meant for us to enjoy life and family and His creation, but He also meant for us to care for the needy, reach out to the lost, be serious about or work and be spiritually minded in our relationship with Him. Martha couldn’t even enjoy the presence of the Lord in her house because she was so concerned about serving those sitting with Jesus. Jesus said to her, Luke 10:41 “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things.” This is crazy because Martha welcomed Jesus into her house, but didn’t stop long enough to spend time with Him. She was off balance!

You can evaluate the balance in your life by how much time you spend doing what you do. And if you’re off balance recognize it and remember you only get one pass on the balance beam of life. A balanced life begins with balancing the moments of each day. It’s being a good steward of the gifts God has given you, as well as your time, energy, and focus. We can get more out of life by finding the perfect balance.

When Jesus came into the house, Mary put everything else aside and sat at His feet. She knew that’s where she needed to be in that moment. Ask God to help you live a balanced life and be intentional about taking time to be alone with Jesus, because after all, He is the one who helps us find the perfect balance.

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