It appears that our youngest son has fallen in love.  He met a young lady a few months back and we have met her, had dinner with her a few times and have spent a weekend together.  Now this may not be a big deal to many parents, but we know our son had really never been in a serious relationship up to this point.  And our son has a very quiet and gentle personality, so he is not the most talkative person in the world.  We also know and have jokingly advised him that in order to have a relationship with someone, it’s beneficial to be able to talk and communicate.  It’s amazing, however, the transformation that takes place when you find that person that seems to fit you and you fall for them.  Our son hasn’t told us that he has fallen for this young lady, but he doesn’t have to.  You see, our son has never really been the affectionate type, but nowadays when he comes home, he loves on his mother more.  He hugs me and seems to be the happiest he has ever been.  My wife has talked about the noticeable change in his life.  To us, he has fallen in love with someone, and his love and affections are being poured out on to us as well.  

Let me ask you, have you ever fallen in love with someone?  Shouldn’t what has happened in our son’s life happen in the life of every Believer who loves Jesus Christ?  Our love for Jesus ought to be noticeable in how we love on the people who are around us.  His love for her has been expressed in love for us.  I think this is Biblical.  If you love God, your affection for Him should be noticeably expressed on those around you.  But is that happening in your life?  Do you love Christ so much that those around you are reaping the benefits?  If not, then why not fall in love with Christ again?