Who knew kindergarten was so exhausting?  At some point in time, the strength you have to go and do and to be engaged in will run out.  That happens in every aspect of our being, including running out of strength spiritually.  God has made it that way to remind us that first, we are all human, and when we run out of strength, we are reminded that our strength needs to be renewed.  Physically we understand this and we renew our strength every night, or at least most people do.  It’s in our nature to get some rest and renew our strength.  But what about renewing your strength mentally, emotionally and spiritually?  How does that work?  Well, it requires rest as well.  You need to take a break from the demands and schedules and be renewed.

You need to give yourself a break, because the world and some people around you certainly won’t.  You may even have the personality where you push and push yourself, and it may be how you are, but it’s not healthy.  What’s healthy is to strike the perfection combination between working and resting.  Ultimately our renewal comes from the Lord.  The renewal that will cause you be endure and outlast everyone else comes from the Lord to those who exercise waiting on the Lord.  Truth is, there’s not many people very good at waiting on the Lord, but it is a necessary discipline of the Christian faith.

Hasn’t the last 2 or 3 years taken it’s toil on most of us?   Let me ask you, are you exhausted?  Are you trying to do more than you should?  Do you realize you don’t have to keep up with everyone else?  Why not start the renewing process today and just begin by saying, “Lord, I’m going to wait on you because the tasks are too many and I need to refocus on the things that matter to you.”

If you’ve ever gone through a season when you have had no strength, it may feel like God is finished with you, but the truth is, He is only wanting you to rest for the next season in your life.  Rest in Him.  Wait on Him.  Be renewed by Him and then serve Him.

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