We have church in our home every Wednesday evening, and with that comes extra attention to our house and the blessing of sweet fellowship. I have the responsibility of making sure we have ice for our drinks, setting up our game room to accommodate people, pushing the vacuum cleaner (sometimes), and occasionally cooking on the grill. Last Wednesday I was cooking on the grill before everyone arrived and while waiting, out of curiosity I decided to check the side burner to see if it worked. We never use it, but I wanted to check it out. When I lifted the lid, to my surprise I found a pink Easter egg. That egg had been secretly placed there back at Easter and never found. Inside the plastic egg was a molded $5 bill.  What a surprise, right?  Well, the amazing thing about that is that my wife and I had been in deep discussion about our finances the night before. We knew we had some things coming up that we were concerned about.  Listen, God was speaking when I found that Easter egg!  He was reminding us that He has hidden provisions for us. No doubt, most of us are overly concerned and worried about the things God already has covered and made provisions for.  That doesn’t mean we can be lazy.

This forgotten egg was found at the perfect time and served to remind us He has provisions in places we have not even thought of. God gave water out of a rock. He made manna fall from the sky and He placed a coin in the mouth of a fish. Surely God can provide for you!  His greatest provision came in the form of a baby just outside of Bethlehem and remained hidden for 30 years.  The provision is there, trust God to show it to you and supply your need.  Philippians 4:19 “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” 

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