Draw Near

God in heaven watches your every move, records your every word, and understands your every thought and motivation.  In a crisis, a prudent man’s natural response is to draw near to God.  God uses the trials and troubles as spiritual tools to draw us closer to Him.  In moments of fear and uncertainty, drawing near to the father is what children do.  The question is, however, since the pandemic of the coronavirus, have you moved towards God?  Have you been awakened out of the spiritual stupor we all tend to fall into?  It is still possible that the coronavirus pandemic has not moved you at all spiritually.  It is possible to listen to the news, hear the coronavirus confusion, feel the anxiety and fear rising up in you, and still never move an inch towards God.  The Psalmist speaks for himself when he said,    

“But [it is] good for me to draw near to God; I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, That I may declare all Your works.” Psalms 73:28

Some will draw near to the facts and the science of the matter.  Some people will draw near to whatever it is that will help them escape the reality of the pandemic.  Still others will draw near to the illusion that it will all soon be over and it will only be considered as a close call or bad dream.  Some will draw near to their stockpiles of food and supplies and keep count with rotating their inventory.  Some will draw near to God as the Psalmist did.  Just as one of the state governors announced yesterday he had looked at recent data to see the movement of people from the tracking devices of their cell phones, God sees who moves towards Him and those who draw near to other things.  In a time of crisis, we all draw near to what we trust in.  What is it for you?  

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