I visited briefly with a man I knew at a local restaurant as he was getting his order and I was giving mine. It wasn’t long into our conversation that the man stopped me and said, “You must think I’m Wayne, my twin brother.” At first I thought he was joking, but come to find out my friend Wayne has an identical twin. He looked and sounded like Wayne, but he wasn’t Wayne! It’s true that sometimes we talk to people we think we know, but the reality is, it’s not them, it’s their double! There was one among the twelve who had a double, and it wasn’t Thomas or Peter, but it was Judas. Judas wasn’t who everyone thought he was, but he knew the terminology used by the disciples and he was very familiar with all the ways of the disciples. Judas talked with a double tongue and double meanings, and there are those like that today who can always justify the lie they speak because there is another meaning. You have actually had conversations with deceptive doubles portraying one thing but mean something totally different, and when you catch them they say, “Oh, this is what I meant.” Jesus called them hypocrites, and when He confronted the double in the upper room, the disciples asked a strange question,

Matthew 26:22 “And they were exceedingly sorrowful, and each of them began to say to Him, “Lord, is it I?”

Even Judas jumped in and asked, knowing it was him. If you live with a double tongue and construct double meanings and conceal true meanings and intentions, the truth is not in you no matter how religious you pretend to be. Don’t be a Judas, but walk in the truth and speak the truth and be set free by the truth. Liars will never see the kingdom of God. Let’s check ourselves to make sure we don’t have a double.

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