If you are going to survive in a world of adversity, challenges, and outright opposition, you are going to be need to be covered.  Being covered is what happens when you go to bed at night and pull the comforter up to your neck.  People cover themselves when they pop up the umbrella when walking in the rain.  You also cover yourself when you step out of the shower and put your clothes on, but there is another covering that everyone needs.

In I Samuel 19, David was the number one man on King Saul’s hit list.  Saul wanted David dead, and he made it known to all his servants.  By persuasion, Jonathan tried to be a peacemaker, but his efforts backfired and almost got David killed and David went home.  Saul sent messengers to David’s house to take him and kill him, but instead David got covered.


“So Michal let David down through a window. And he went and fled and escaped. 13 And Michal took an image and laid [it] in the bed, put a cover of goats’ [hair] for his head, and covered [it] with clothes.“  I Samuel 19:12-13

To cover someone means to protect them and shield them from harm.  Michal went to great lengths to cover David from her own father.  She knew that David would not survive unless she provided the cover for him.  What a great example Michal gave for covering her family, one spouse covering the other.

Covering someone is Biblical.  It’s what happened when the Pharisees threw a woman caught in adultery at the feet of Jesus.  Jesus covered and protected her.  It’s what Jesus did for the women who broke open the alabaster jar of ointment to anoint Jesus.  Jesus covered a woman from the religious and the greedy.  And Michal covered her husband from a jealous man who wanted to be praised.  The greatest covering of all is what took place on the cross where Jesus died and shed His own blood.  As children of God, we are covered by the greatest covering of all, the blood of Jesus.  Jesus has covered you if you have accepted Him as Savior and Lord.

So how can you cover?  You cover people sometimes in practical ways, but mostly you cover them when you lift them up to God in prayer.  You also cover people when they have done wrong, helping them see there is a different way.  Be a cover for someone today because you may need a cover tomorrow.