Can you Hear?

Can you hear?  When you’re trying to talk to your children sometimes they act like they don’t hear a word you’ve said.  “Pick up the toys and take them to your room” is not heard.  It’s like the message didn’t get through and the toys don’t move.  There are children with ears, but they can’t hear.  It’s the same way with teenagers, you tell them a truth or try to explain something, but the message doesn’t get through.  Now a complete stranger can come along and tell your teenager the same thing you did, and they are amazed at this stranger’s wisdom and understanding. This is a mystery, isn’t it?  Many adults are the same way.  You try to explain reality or reason with them about a matter, but it’s like they can’t hear and the message doesn’t get through.  Many times they understand, but have already made up their minds.  

Can you hear, or do you have your mind already made up?  The Pharisees couldn’t hear and couldn’t see, they were doubly disabled. Jesus said, Matthew 11:15 (NKJV) “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!  Let me ask you, do you have your mind made up about something?  Is someone trying to convince or reason with you about something you already have your mind made up on?  Can you hear them and see their point of view?  God has given you ears to hear, but none of us can hear if our hearts and minds are closed.  The fear of not hearing because your heart and mind is closed, is that if you might not be able to hear God either.  Do you have ears to hear?  Hear the truth about how much God love you.  Hear the message of the gospel.  Hear that teenager and that co-worker.  Hear your spouse and hear your parents.  Hear the Holy Spirit.  Ask God to give you ears to hear.

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