Bring Back News

The assignments we often receive in life are not dramatic, exciting, or dangerous, but they are still necessary.  In the story of David and Goliath, David was sent by his father to do a simple job, go check on your brothers to see how they are doing and bring back the news.  Because of David’s age, this was David’s assignment, deliver supplies and check the welfare of his brothers.  But consider the love and concern of this father to send David on this mission.

“Then Jesse said to his son David, “Take now for your brothers an ephah of this dried [grain] and these ten loaves, and run to your brothers at the camp. 18 “And carry these ten cheeses to the captain of [their] thousand, and see how your brothers fare, and bring back news of them.”  I Samuel 17:17-18

Jesse was an elderly man, but still cared to know how his sons were doing, and I believe that is an overlooked assignment given to us by God today.  We too should be checking on our brothers and sisters and bringing back news to our heavenly Father concerning their welfare.  Even though God is omniscient and there is absolutely nothing He is not fully aware of, we have this privilege of reporting through prayer what we see and hear.  When we care as the Father cares, we will take the time to speak to the Father about the other family members.  Who does God want you to check on today?  Who does God want you to get a report on and bring back the news?  You might find that someone is not doing well and bring back news to the Father.  You might find that someone is in a place of danger and report that back to the Father.  You might find that someone is paralyzed in fear and bring back word to the Father.  This is our daily duty and we should be faithful in carrying out this business.  Bring back news and pray to the Father for the family.  Think about it, Jesse’s concern for his sons was what brought about victory to their battlefield.  David’s obedience in his necessary assignment was the answer Israel’s army was in desperate need of, and it can be that way with you as well.  Bring back news!

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