Beat the Crowd

We are faced with crowds all the time. We seem to go the same places everyone else does. There are crowds in the malls, grocery store, sporting events, as well as hordes of people on the highways. Sometimes those crowds turn people away, but there is a crowd you must fight to get through. You don’t have to wonder if the crowd will be there or not, it will. This crowd has the potential to do you more damage than you can imagine if you don’t get through it. It’s not because the crowd will make you late and it’s not because the crowd will hinder you from seeing an event. This crowd seldom leaves and is always noisy. It’s the crowd you must face and make your way through or you will sink in life. Have you ever noticed that everywhere Jesus Christ went He was surrounded by a crowd of people, some curious and some serious about following Him.
Matthew 8:1 says, “When Jesus came down from the mountain, large crowds followed Him.”
Whenever you attempt to be with Jesus, there will be a crowd to contend with. There is a crowd in the mind so great in number that many followers of Christ never get close to Him in prayer because of it. And the crowded thoughts of our mind do not part just because you want to get close to Jesus. The crowd is often more faithful than we are, but the good news is you can get through the crowd! The woman with an issue of blood got through the crowd. The friends who carried a lame man to Jesus got through. To get through the crowd, you must be determined that however long it takes to stay in prayer seeking Him, you will get through. If you intend to beat the crowd, you need to get there early to your prayer time. The abundant life Jesus offers can only be experienced by those who beat the crowd.
Beat the crowd!

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