A Prayer for You for Family


“Holy Father, I lift up my family to You today.  I thank You for placing each member of my family in my life and I thank You for how You are working in each one’s life.  Father, I thank You that I can mention their names before You and You already know everything that is going on in their lives.  God, help me be a source of strength and encouragement to my children and my spouse.  God, I know I fail so often, but my heart is to show them my love.  My heart is for them.  Father God, I pray that You will bless our relationships with each other and cause us to know You as a family.  God, bring joy and peace into their hearts and bring others who know You into their lives as well.  Father, You know their needs and I know You can reach them, even in times when I can’t.  I pray that You will deliver them from temptations and give them a spirit of knowledge and wisdom.  Deliver them from the attacks of the enemy and open their eyes and show them the path You would have them go down.

Father, I love my family and I know You love them even more.  God, I pray that You will cause them to become seekers of You.  Father, I pray that You will guard them and protect them from evil and darkness.  I pray that You will grow them spiritually and cause them to be the best they can be at their jobs.  Help me, Father, to be what my family needs me to be.  Help me be sensitive and understanding.  Help me be compassionate and merciful.  Help me be purposeful and always point my family to You.  Father God, show me today that You are working in my family’s life.  Thank You, Father, for inviting us to come into Your family.  In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.”


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